Santorini Aerial Tour


Explore Santorini's Attractions from the Sky!

Click & drag your mouse in order to see the aerial views of the spots you will visit when you book our cruises in Santorini (Catamaran Cruises, Sailing Yacht Cruises, Speed Boat Cruises).

Red beach

The impressive volcanic Red Beach is the perfect representation of what the volcanic eruption created in Santorini’s landscape. Do not forget to take photos.

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White beach

The beach colours change in Santorini as your cruise passes from the Red to the White Beach. This beach is accessible only by boat so get ready to see yet another coastal miracle of Santorini.

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Mesa Pigadia

One of the most beautiful secluded beaches of Santorini comes up next. Surrounded by rocks this black beach has crystal clear waters and it is lovely to swim or snorkel here.

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Indian Face Mountain

This is an interesting rock formation that resembles an Indian and as you are passing by this mountain you will be convinced that you are seeing an Indian’s Face.

Akrotiri Lighthouse

You are at the north side of Santorini where at the very end the Lighthouse of Santorini is located, a charming lighthouse tower that “waves” back to sailors that are passing by its bay.

Palaia Kammeni- Sulfur Springs

The volcano of Santorini. The one that erupted in 1.600 BC and created the amazing caldera of Santorini. The black rocks look like crystal where a dive at the therapeutic waters of the Sulfur Springs is considered as one of the highlights of the cruise.

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Nea Kammeni

This is one of the youngest islands across the Mediterranean. Created by lava, this volcanic island was active until very recently.

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Old Port of Fira

The old port of Fira lies underneath the capital of Santorini and it is a charming little bay where the cruise travellers arrive to visit Santorini.

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“Efta Paides” church

This picturesque little church lies hidden underneath Oia and it has a rather intriguing story that the crew loves to share.

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Armeni bay

This used to be one of the two main ports of Oia. Today it is a lovely port that you have to take some photos of as you are passing by.

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Ammoudi bay

The old main port of Oia today is one of the most famous gems of Santorini. The dramatic red rocks end to a bay with fish restaurants and where fishing boats dock in its protective waters.

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Korfos, Thirassia

Thirassia used to be part of Santorini before the volcanic eruption 3.500 years ago. The harbour of Thirassia is Korfos that most of the cruises pass by.

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Tripiti Spot, Thirassia

This is a rather interesting spot in Thirassia where you can see through this cave all the way to the other side of the island.

Aspronisi Island

A tiny island that also used to be part of Santorini before the volcanic eruption is today another beautiful part of your cruise in the caldera of Santorini.