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New! Explore Greek Islands with a Catamaran

Charter one of our catamarans & explore Greek Islands!

  • Type: Catamaran Sailing Yacht Charter
  • Duration: Multi Day Cruise / Upon request
  • Departure Day: Any day of the week
  • Start/End Point: *
    Santorini Island - South Aegean Islands
  • Guests Capacity: Depends on the type of vessel
  • Tour Location: South Aegean Islands
  • Skipper & Crew: Included
  • Fuels & Mooring Fees: Not Included on Charter Price
Price on Request

New! Explore Greek Islands with a Catamaran


Start Sailing from Athens or Santorini Island (South Aegean)

Embark on a tailor-made private cruise and explore the beauty of the Aegean Islands in the comfort of a luxurious Catamaran yacht. Starting from Santorini Island, you can sail to the island – or other islands in the South Aegean (Cycldes Islands), for a truly exciting Aegean cruise made just for you!

Explore the Aegean Islands

Renieris Santorini Sailing Center now offers a unique opportunity to explore the Aegean Islands. Customized private sailing cruises on board luxurious yachts at amazing prices are
now within your grasp; set out to discover breath-taking beaches and gorgeous islands for an unforgettable sailing experience! A one of a kind adventure made just for you, by Renieris Santorini Sailing Center!

Create your Own Sailing Experience

The Aegean Islands Sailing Experience by Renieris Santorini Sailing Center is a unique experience, designed to take you on board an unforgettable, custom made voyage into the beauty of the Aegean Archipelago. Let’s create together the perfect itinerary for the ultimate luxury sailing holiday and embark on a bespoke experience that is bound to amaze you and your loved ones!

* Notes:
- Our fleet is based in Santorin Island (South Aegan).
It is important for us to know in advance (min. 5 days) the starting date of your cruise and the pick-up port.
- As this cruise is private, you can add or remove stops according to your preferences, based on the weather and time limitations.
- The schedule is always subject to changes depending on weather conditions.

What is included

  • Captain & Crew
  • All Taxes
  • Full insurance- No Security Deposit required for chartering our yachts
  • Snorkeling equipment


What is not included:

  • Off/On board meals
  • Off board activities
  • Fuels & Mooring Fees
  • Tips

Points of interest

Departing from Santorini Island:
Thirassia Island, Ios Island, Iraklia Island, Schinoussa Island, Kato Koufonisi Island, Ano Koufonisi Island, and more.


Tour Highlights

Why you will love this cruise!

  • The vessel will take you on this cruise is an extraordinary sailing yacht with all the extra facilities to make it feel like a luxurious hotel, from an ice maker to a water desalination system.
  • Our Captains and crew are highly experienced and will take you to all the hidden gems, all the spots not meant for the masses of tourists.
  • The Catamarans of our fleet are suitable for multi- day cruises.
  • You have the chance to create your very own sailing itinerary and visit only the islands you are interested in.


Useful Information

  • Don’t forget to bring your personal belongings and/or any of your medicines.
  • Be sure to bring a camera.
  • Inform us in advance of any dietary preferences or allergies.
  • If you are taking the cruise in April-May or late September-October carrying a jacket and some sweaters is advisable.
  • The schedule is always subject to changes depending on weather conditions.

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Your Best Choice

Renieris Santorini Sailing Center is the top choice for the best sailing experience in Santorini!
Let's discover what makes a sailing cruise with us such a memorable, delicious and fun experience:

  • We employ the most experienced captains and crews on the island since 1991.
  • We have a great fleet which includes motor yachts, catamarans and speed boats.
  • We serve on board high quality food made with the finest local ingredients.
  • Special menus (vegetarians, gluten free) are also available.
  • Fish dishes- both on private and on semi-private cruises.
  • Our vessels sail either from the Vlychada Marina or Ammoudi Bay.
  • We offer the safest and fastest transfers.
  • We offer great options and prices for private cruises.